About Us


A clean and well-maintained facility is the key to ensuring a great first impression with your workers, clients, and visitors – at Nationwide Property Clean we cater to all of your needs. You absolutely do not have to settle for inferior cleaning service just because you are on a budget.

Nationwide Property Clean aims for a higher standard: tech-enabled and service driven one-stop cleaning enterprise. With every job, Nationwide Property Clean is challenging the status quo in the UK commercial cleaning industry with:

  • Management Commitment: Nationwide Property Clean has vision for what the future of the company and the service it provides will look like
  • Quality Systems: Nationwide Property Clean has a demonstrably effective framework for delivering consistent and professional service
  • Human Resources: Nationwide Property Clean prioritises its greatest asset – their people
  • Service Delivery: Nationwide Property Clean maintains practices and systems to consistently deliver the highest levels of service
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Stewardship: Nationwide Property Clean always follows required regulations as well and promotes workplace safety for their workers as well as their clients

Nationwide Property Clean provides affordable, efficient and bespoke cleaning solutions to its customers – our ethos is to provide a made-to-measure service with the highest standards and attend to issues once and once only ensuring a proactive approach to cleaning.

The team

Nationwide Property Clean work across the UK and are managed from our national headquarters at Birmingham Business Park.

With decades of operational experience, Nationwide Property Clean colleagues are constantly trained to meet client requests quickly and efficiently.

Equipped with a 24-hour helpdesk and backed by a national team of operatives, supervisors and management we can deal with all eventualities and can operate as a one stop shop for any cleaning or basic maintenance issue.